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Thanks for joining me once again on my blog! I am so happy that my blog has got around 5 views already, this means so much to me in these early days! 😄

Today we decided to go on one of the many cable car routes in Chamonix, the Brévent. After our yummy breakfast of French croissants and pain au chocolats (I was super excited to actually be eating French pastries 😂), we headed down, well, actually up, to the cable car station. 

The Brévent cable car route is split into two sections, the first section is really steep, and you are in small gondolas. This section takes you to Planpraz at 2000 meters, which, believe me, is a very long way up! One of the greatest things about this route is the stunning views of Mont Blanc, and I would solely recommend it just based on that!

The second section uses a single, much larger cable car, that transports you up to Brévent. It’s much more dramatic than the first section as it seems like you are not supported by anything!

Silhouette of the Brévent

Once you are at the Brévent station, you have a few options. Obviously, one of the most popular options is to go for a walk in the mountains/ surrounding area. There are lots of routes you could take, some more interesting than others, some more physically demanding than others. There is also (of course) a panoramic viewing platform which is actually on the summit of the Le Brévent mountain! We had to visit the summit – the views were too good to resist, and you could see for literally miles! 😋(Le Brévent is 2525 meters tall)

A walk in the surrounding area was the icing on the cake for us; one of the simplest routes to do here is the gentle walk down (or up, if you’re mad) from Brévent to Planpraz, or visa versa. The path is well trodden and very clear, so I thoroughly recommend this option, and even in summer you may see some patches of snow & ice ❄️!

Also on this walk, there is the perfect (and I mean perfect) opportunity to photograph the cable car with Mont Blanc in the background! I used my dad’s camera so unfortunately I can’t show a picture until we are back in the UK, but I can assure you that it truly does make the perfect opportunity for a photo! As the cable car passes quite regularly (every 5-10 minutes or so), if you miss it once, there will always be another opportunity for you!

We had an extremely enjoyable time on the Brévent Cable Cars, so I would 💯% recommend it to anyone! The walks around are magnifique and so are the views!

Le Brévent has even made it onto my list of favourite places to visit here in Chamonix!

Lots of love, 

Autumn x 

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