Dear Readers, 

I am finally back in the swing of things after arriving back in the UK a couple of days ago, following my amazing Chamonix Adventure, so I can officially promise that more posts shall be flying your way soon! On top of that, I have had a mini ‘re-lauch’ of Autumn’s Angle after spending many painful hours carefully re-designing the blog’s look. So far, I am loving the new blog design –  it’s more sophisticated, and I love the new layout/ colour scheme!

Hopefully you’ll like it just as much as me ☺️.

Nothing much has happened to me since I’ve got back from Chamonix, so I thought I’d share some of my photography with you, as I spent yesterday afternoon carefully taking photos in the garden. Personally I think our garden is quite big, although it is nowhere near an acre or something stupid like that! We do actually have a pond at the end of our garden too, although you definitely wouldn’t want to take a dip in that… 😬

I am not a professional photographer, so please DON’T judge my photos, and if you think they’re bad, sorry – we can’t all be good at everything! I absolutely love photography, but it’s only recent that I found a love for taking photos, and it makes me slightly regret my choice of choosing Fine Art for GCSE!

Drum roll please…

Pooch in the Garden:

Pooch in the Garden

In my opinion, this is a gorgeous shot of my lovely Pooch, with the background of green grass & an algae topped pond (lovely, isn’t it?) really allowing Pooch to stand out! I think this is my favourite shot of the day, as it showcases my love of pooch & the great outdoors perfectly.

Magenta Love:

Magenta Love

This pic is named ‘Magenta Love’, as the flower celebrates the magenta colour perfectly even in the gloomy weather we experienced yesterday. The magenta shines bright no matter what! I absolutely adore these type of flowers, but I’ve no clue as to what they are actually called… Can you help me out? (If you know, please comment down below!)

Pretty Purple Pansy's:

Pretty Purple Pansy's

I had a bit of trouble taking this photo, as my camera wouldn’t focus on the flower I wanted it to, so in the end I had to settle for this, although I still think the photo’s half-decent! It is still bugging me that it isn’t focused on the foremost pansy though (next time, I think I’ll try a different lens)… I do however love how you can see some of the morning’s raindrops on the leaves though. 💦

Flops is back:


The last photo that I am going to share with you is of my rabbit Flopsy! We are lucky enough to have 2 mini-lop rabbits, Flopsy & Mopsy and believe me, it took a LOT of persuasion for my parents to even consider getting us rabbits – luckily our hard work payed off! 😂 Anyway, I was able to get a close-up shot of Flops yesterday and she looks absolutely adorable.

I really hope you enjoyed seeing some of yesterday’s ‘Garden Photography’, it was great fun for me and I love sharing things I am passionate about. Which is your favourite photo? Would you like to see more photography posts like these? What is your favourite photo you’ve ever taken?

Before I go,


I have officially reached 10 followers on my blog! 😄

Yep, that’s right, I officially have 10 followers now! How great is that? I would just like to quickly thank every one of my followers for their continued support – I really appreciate it!

That’s all for today,

Lots of love,

Autumn x

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Hi! I'm Autumn, an avid reader, animal lover and keen photographer that wants to travel the world! I’m probably not your average teen, I’m not a firm believer in makeup and I don’t own any social media accounts. I love stationary and all things paperchase, as well as baking yummy little treats! I've wanted to have my own blog for years, so Autumn’s Angle is a dream come true! I hope you follow Autumn’s Angle and enjoy scrolling through my blog. 😊 Lots of love, Autumn x

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