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So today I was super lucky as we went to the Suffolk Walk with a Fork with my Grandma at Helmingham Hall! It was an amazing day out, and I’ll definitely be going back next year 😊.

I’d seen the signs advertising the event first of all when I was staying with my Grandma a couple of weeks ago. It definitely seemed like my thing – a nice walk going through areas of the Suffolk countryside the public were normally not allowed to go, along with the addition of 8 food stalls from local producers along the way! What was not to like?

I persuaded my parents to get us all tickets (it was for a charity too, Ormiston Families), so here I am today, writing this after a long, exciting day!

Our starting time was at 11:20, so not too early but not too late either. As the title of the event suggests, at the start, you each get given a fork to take round the course with you – genius! 😋 We began the 8 mile walk at a steady pace, and minutes in, we came to the first food stand which was by Musk’s sausages from Newmarket. Oh my gosh! I literally have not tasted a better sausage in AGES! They were fresh off the BBQ, full of good-quality meat and very juicy too, a perfect start the walk if you ask me. This therefore set the standards very high for the other food stalls, and at the end I’ll list my favourite food stalls!

The view of the Suffolk countryside

We soon reached the 2nd food stall, which consisted of a selection of salami from the Suffolk Salami Company (personally, I’m not a fan so didn’t try any, but it was a very popular option!) as well as a variety of Fairfields Farm crips. I chose a packet of the ‘Sea Salt & Aspall Cyder Vinegar’ flavour, and I have to say that they were very good! But still, the sausage I’d had earlier dominated my thoughts, it really was that great and so far it was on top!

Food Stall 2

We walked on through the beautiful Suffolk countryside, and I soon realised that it was the perfect day for walking with a fork! There were blue skies everywhere – barely a cloud in the sky – and it was a nice temperature too (around 20 degrees, I believe). Food stop 3 was lovely too, there was a selection of crudités with hummus, bread & oil, cheese sticks and some juices too! It was almost like a mini picnic, if you get what I mean! It was also very popular, so I couldn’t get a photo without any people blocking the food stand…

The lunch stop was next – ‘at last!’ I thought to myself – I’d managed to work up an appetite by then. Lunch was provided for us by the White Heart in Otley; a local pub I presume. It wasn’t necessary the lunch I’d expected, whatever they’d cooked didn’t taste very nice (we all thought that) and it contained some sausage that wasn’t on the same level as the Musk’s sausage we’d had earlier – ☹️. I really hope I’m not being a snob, it was really nice that we even got provided lunch in the first place!


Soon we set off again, and it was quite a way to stop number 5. We got to walk in some beautiful, shaded areas from the lunch stop to stall 5, and this was what we needed; some shelter from the sun in the hottest hours of the day. I really enjoyed this part of the walk 😆; one of the reasons being that we were more spread out from other walkers, so we had no-one walking up our arses!! 😂

Stall number 5 was probably one of my favourites, and it was by The Suffolk Pate Company. They had a range of pâtés, my favourite being the chicken liver as the flavours were so good! Additionally, they had some sweet pâtés: ‘what are they?’, I hear you ask. Well, they are a little bit like the spreads you may put on toast or something similar. And they are AMAZING! Definitely an ingenious invention, I would definitely recommend you trying some of their range!

Voila! ⬆️ (The amazing pate stand!)

Unfortunately, there was disappointment to come on the next stall. Stall 6 was run by the Cheese & Pie Man, and I would 100% NOT recommended you buying any of his products. *I’ll try and not get too annoyed* The whole point with the walk with a fork was that you go round trying samples of different local produce to help raise money for charity. The Cheese & Pie Man clearly didn’t get that. There was NOTHING for us, I repeat, absolutely nothing for us to try – we’d worked up an appetite and so were very disappointed. My brother had his fork out ready, and even with many prompts, we didn’t get anywhere so left feeling very disheartened. We then moaned about him on & off for the rest of the walk! 😂

Urrgh… I say no more…

(Let me just make it clear, it wasn’t just us moaning about him, lots of other walkers were also moaning about his stand)

Then, we continued on to stall number 7, where we were certainly not disappointed! Look at it:


Suffolk fresh had kindly donated dozens of strawberries for us to happily munch on, and what’s not to like about also having the opportunity to dip them in delicious chocolate (along with the occasional marshmallow!)… mmm… 😋

It was SO good (especially after the Cheese & Pie man)!!

There was only one more stop left, back at our starting place, Helmingham Hall. As we got closer, you could see the magnificent building in all its grandeur. Sadly, I couldn’t get a picture but I could take some of the ancient oak trees surrounding us.

Oak Tree in the Deer Park

I have to admit being slightly relieved as we walked up the long driveway towards the hall. It had been a long, thoroughly enjoyable day but to be honest, my legs were aching and I was exhausted! Luckily, for our 8th and final stop, we were greeted by the welcomed sight of the Alder Tree ice-cream van! I had one scoop of vanilla ice cream, and Oh My Gosh! It was just what I needed and I felt so refreshed afterwards. 😁

So there it is! My day at Suffolk Walk with a Fork wrapped up!

My favourite stalls:

  1.  First place has to go to Musk’s Sausages! They were so good and we will definitely be buying sausages by them in the future!
  2. Joint 2nd place goes to… The Suffolk Pate Company & Suffolk fresh! I really enjoyed the food on both of these stands so they get a worthy 2nd place!
  3. Alder Tree ice-cream is getting 3rd place – the ice creams were great!
  4. Fairfields Farm crisps, and therefore stall 2, gets 4th place.
  5. The crudités (stall 3) are coming 5th!
  6. The lunch stop is coming second-to-last…
  7. And, with no surprise at all, The Cheese & Pie Man comes… LAST!

Have you ever been to the Suffolk Walk with a fork before? Or a similar event? Which one of the food stalls do you think you would’ve liked the most? Comment below to let me know! 

Quickly before I go:

I made it to 20 followers!!! How amazing is that? 😄 Thank you sooooooo much to everyone that is following me - you're all amazing people & I love you so much 💜.

Lots of love,

Autumn x 

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  1. I love the idea of walk with a fork. I think that the cheese and pie man was very bad for not letting you try any food. The chocolate dipping looks the best.


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