Dear Readers, 

So, as you may or may not know, about a month ago I wrote a post To My Friends. A lot of things have happened since then, but I guess I feel just as clueless as before; it’s like I’m stuck in a revolving door. *Pre-warning, I’m not going to be as positive as before though* 

I decided to write a small, lil’ poem to just let everything out, because that’s what blogs are for; letting everything out & an escapism from our lives ✨. 

So Goodbye, My Friends:

I’m stuck in a void of emptiness,

there’s nothing here: not even you.

You left me alone shivering in the


Long ago.

I haven’t opened up, I’ve kept myself

To myself. You haven’t found the key back in


I’m unsure you ever will. Sceptical. Scared.


Countless times I’ve pondered over events:

It’s not my fault – it’s yours,

At least there’s one thing I’m certain of.

But what happened,


I’ve accepted this. But what is left?

Friendships to save

Loose ends to tie

And a few goodbyes.

There will always be a place for you

In my fragile heart.

But you don’t realise I’m still hurting:

I haven’t stopped,

Won’t stop for a long time.

You never realised the consequence of your actions

And I’m afraid you never will.



I’ve shed too many tears over

Such a ‘silly’ matter.

It might be silly to you but to me

It brings me down.  

I don’t know when, or


I’ll let you in again.

So goodbye, my friends.

I hope you enjoyed that! I was just talking to my mum in the car after some last-minute Christmas shopping (yep, my family definitely falls into that category! 😂), and we ended up talking about everything that’s gone on. It made me realise that I’m not over everything yet, and I don’t know when I will be, but I am hoping that next term I can start afresh. 

I need to get everything out, because sometimes I’m not necessarily good at this. 

I guess that I just don’t trust them at the moment; it’s like I am scared to get close to them again in case of being hurt once more. Half the time, they don’t even realise I’m upset, but this could be partially my fault. I don’t always join in conversations when they’re complaining about this & that… I don’t know. I am going to try to be more positive around them (please don’t get the impression that I haven’t been trying hard, because I have tried my best; I wrote them all nice Christmas cards & gave small gifts 💞 – I still care). 

'It's not who you are that holds you back, it's who
you think you're not'. - Denis Waitley

Love that quote. ❤️ It’s so sweet & just nudges you to be a better person each day, I hope you love it as much as me. 

So, that’s it for today everyone! See you soon for a few Christmassy themed posts,

Posted by:Autumn

Hi! I'm Autumn, an avid reader, animal lover and keen photographer that wants to travel the world! I’m probably not your average teen, I’m not a firm believer in makeup and I don’t own any social media accounts. I love stationary and all things paperchase, as well as baking yummy little treats! I've wanted to have my own blog for years, so Autumn’s Angle is a dream come true! I hope you follow Autumn’s Angle and enjoy scrolling through my blog. 😊 Lots of love, Autumn x

32 replies on “So Goodbye, My Friends

  1. Wow… this has really, well, touched me 😊 That sounds like so… true, it!s so good to get your feelings out through poetry, I had a really tough time earlier this year, and I really struggles to control my emotions and try stay strong, not for myself but for others. I really should try poetry, it could help express myself better 😁
    Great post Autumn,
    Amber x

    Liked by 3 people

    1. Thank you so much Amber for your sweet words, it means so much (I nearly shed a tear whilst reading it…)💚. I’m glad you can relate too, sadly life isn’t always great. Poetry can definitely be great for getting things out, you don’t necessarily have to be good at it to use it too! ✨ I would recommend it highly! Thank you so much once again, Autumn x

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    1. Thank you Hideaway Girl✨💚!! I hope things get better for you too, and of course we can be friends! I’ll check out your blog now! 😊Thanks for the comment, Autumn x


  2. For a second, I thought the title meant you were leaving your blog 😱 So very glad that you’re not!
    I. Loved. This. Poem. Not only can I relate to it (sad stuff), but for some reason, it sounded like an NF song in my head. Have you listened to his music? He has some of the best rap out there! Just thought I’d mention that, as I think your writing has musical potential 👌🏼
    You’ll be in my thoughts and prayers. Broken friendships are no joke!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. (I know – that was my only concern when putting the last line of the poem as the post/ poem name! 😂)
      Thank you so much Maggie! ✨💞 I’m so glad you loved the poem – that means a lot to me! I haven’t listened to his music, but I’ll check it out – maybe I could be a songwriter! 😂 Thanks once again, you’re always so sweet & it means so much to me, 💚 Autumn x

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  3. I loved your poem and can totally relate, i have reently been through some friend problems myself. We are all here for you if you need and if they are crap friends then be happy they are gone. Life is too short to stick with those idiots that can’t appreciate you xoxo Alysha

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you Alysha! 💖 That’s so sweet of you to say & thank you so much for your support! I think that everyone does have their ups and downs with their friends; it’s just a part of life! Autumn x (PS: do you have a blog, and if so, how can I find it?)

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