Have you ever played the game that goes along the lines of ‘what would you bring with you if you were stranded on a desert island for the rest of your life?’ ? I remember playing this game on coach journeys to and from school in year 5/6, and yesterday my cousin asked me the same question.

This time I actually thought more about the question before I gave my answer. I don’t really know why, but it interested me to see what I would theoretically keep and what I would theoretically say goodbye to in a heartbeat. Or what I feel is irreplaceable and what is replaceable in my life, if you get what I mean.

So today, for today’s post, I am going to be sharing with you just 4 items or things that mean a lot to me, and that I would always save if I was stranded on a desert island or the moon for the rest of my life.

(Obviously food, water & shelter were theoretically given to me on this island, otherwise they’d be my top 3 things and this would be a very boring post 😅)

1. My small collection of Memory/ Photo Books & Diaries that I used to keep

I’d without a doubt take my ‘Memories’ Book and my small collection of photo albums & diaries that I used to have with me if I was going to be stranded anywhere for the rest of my life. It doesn’t matter if I am stranded with or without my family (I don’t think the rules for this game go as in-depth as whether your family are coming with you or not, or if there are other people already there, etc), I’d just love to have all my memories from my childhood & pictures of my family and friends with me at all times. It’d be nice to be able to look back at good times and on happy memories 💞 and I guess these books have a place in my heart, especially my ‘Memories’ Book as I spent a lot of time creating something that I can look back on in the future.

I guess these are just so personal to me, and no-one could ever take away this from me, I always will have used to have kept diaries, photo albums & memory books, you know?

My ‘Memories’ Book

2. My Pandora Bracelet

Can a piece of jewellery really have so much sentimental value that you want to keep it forever and ever? Yes, to me it certainly can! 😂 Gosh, I must’ve got my Pandora Bracelet about 3 years ago now, which is crazy, and since then most of my close family members have bought me a charm for a special occasion for me to put on there! I love the fact that (and I think a lot of other people have Pandora bracelets for the same reason) each charm represents something different and is personal to you. For each charm I have, there is a memory that I associate with it.

For example, when I went to Dubai in February, on the last evening we went to the Dubai Mall before we headed off to the airport. Seriously, I cannot tell you how much of an amazing trip going to Dubai was, and it has taught me soooo many things & I appreciate the opportunity SO much (thank you M&D 😘)! Anyway, I didn’t spend much on the whole trip so I had a few dirhams left over (the currency in the UAE) so I decided to treat myself to a charm for my Pandora bracelet. It was my first time abroad without my family, as well as my first time out of Europe so it really was a special trip, so a passport charm seemed perfect. 💚 I now wear it proudly on my bracelet, and it serves as a little reminder of good times out there!

My Pandora Bracelet 😊

3. My Teddy?

I’m pretty sure that we all tend to get given a soft toy/ teddy bear when we are born nowadays, and how could I not take my teddy with me if I was stranded on a desert island for the rest of my life?? Yep, I couldn’t leave him behind 😂. I guess it would just remind me of home?? Well, it means a lot to me so I can’t leave it out, and it would remind me of home, my ‘childhood’ and my family, which to me would be comforting – I mean, who wants to get stranded on a desert island for the rest of your life? (clearly, not me…. *gulp*)

Not my teddy bear, but a similar looking one!

4. My instant camera (& of course an unlimited supply of instant camera film! 😂 – that’d be really good, wouldn’t it?!)

Of course, the last item that I would take with me would have to be my instant camera! Normally, I can never be far away from it, and whenever we have a family weekend, special occasion or holiday it will often be first on my list of what to pack! I have such a collection of instant camera photos now, but don’t you just love the ‘old’ technique of taking a photo and waiting for it to develop in front of your eyes? 💙 I know that I certainly do, there’s just something so special about taking an instant camera photo rather than simply taking a selfie on your phone.

(And the unlimited supply of instant camera film, well film can be expensive in my opinion (I think it’s about £8.99 for 10 photos on amazon, but don’t hold me to that!), so an unlimited supply??!! Why not? I know that I normally have to ‘ration’ my instant camera photos so it’d definitely be great to have an unlimited supply, however unrealistic that is! 😂)

Ooh, don’t you just love this image?! 😍

There were my 4 things that I’d most likely take with me if I was stranded on a desert island! I’m interested to know what you’d take with you if you were stranded on a desert island for the rest of your life – let me know in the comments below!

What would you take with you if you were stranded on a desert island? Would you take any of the things I ‘decided’ to take with me? Have I left any items out from my list? Did you enjoy this style of post?

See you all soon,

Posted by:Autumn

Hi! I'm Autumn, an avid reader, animal lover and keen photographer that wants to travel the world! I’m probably not your average teen, I’m not a firm believer in makeup and I don’t own any social media accounts. I love stationary and all things paperchase, as well as baking yummy little treats! I've wanted to have my own blog for years, so Autumn’s Angle is a dream come true! I hope you follow Autumn’s Angle and enjoy scrolling through my blog. 😊 Lots of love, Autumn x

11 replies on “4 things that mean a LOT to me

  1. This was a great post, Autumn! I love the things you chose, and that bracelet is beautiful! I don’t know if I would take those things on a desert island; I would take a few books, my go-bag (knife, survival gear, etc.), my Mom, and my watch. Four things that mean a lot to me are Ellie, (my first gift from my parents, she is a stuffed animal elephant), my journal, my planner, and my books.


  2. Hi Autumn! I’d definitely take some of the things you took with with you, though for me I would have to tak books as they just take so much in my life and bring me so much happiness and joy I just couldn’t live without them. Is it okay if I also did this post? I’ll link your blog and say you gave me the idea, don’t worry! x
    Such a good post, love your memory book ❤ I actuall have one of those that I would also take with me x
    Great post 😄
    Amber x


  3. Heyyyy! Guess who’s back (; (Hint: it’s not the Backstreet Boys 😂) How are youuu? I know, I know it’s been a while, but I had to take a hiatus (6 months!) and I’ve explained why in my new post xo

    Oof, I’ve missed the blogosphere… including you! Speaking of, wow! I remember when just had 10 followers – you started blogging a whole year after me and still somehow have 100 more followers than me, literally 😂😂 Congrats! You really really deserve it, I’m so proud of you!! xo
    I’m hoping to keep up with my blog and try post wayyy more, so I’ll hopefully be more active!

    So nice to see you again ❤️


  4. Hey Autumn,
    This is such a authentic and lovely idea for a blog post! You’re always so imaginative and think outside the box! 🙂

    I love your Pandora bracelet – I have one too and each charm reminds me of different lovely memories. They’re so sweet aren’t they?
    I have an Instax Polaroid camera too (the pastel yellow one) and love taking photos with it. But yes, I agree – the film is very expensive (sighs)…

    Hmmm, I’m not sure what I’d bring with me. Let me think about it and I’ll comment again when I’m happy with my list. Sound good? Hehehe

    Daisy xox | https://daisychaindaydreamsblog.wordpress.com/


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