Dear Readers,

Welcome to the Inspirational Blogger Award! 

This award has been set up by me, Autumn, for bloggers that go the extra mile, bloggers that week in, week out post exceptionally good content and bloggers that deserve recognition for their hard work. 

I am always looking for new blogs to like, comment, follow & most importantly, read. I love discovering blogs that post interesting, thought-provoking or inspirational content (or both!), that help give you an insight into any topic in their lives. I want to help other bloggers find such blogs, big or small, as there are so many blogs out there just waiting to be discovered! 

At the heart of this award is the sole purpose of recognising great blogs around the world. ❤️ 

If you receive this award, then it means you are doing so much right. It should be a special achievement for your blog, and you should be proud! Please bear in mind, when nominating bloggers for the award, that they should be nominated for great content, and not anything else (like graphics, for example). 

I look forward to seeing where this award goes, and who receives it along the way! 

The Rules:

  • Thank the blogger that nominated you & link to their blog.
  • Link to Autumn’s Angle & this post (what the award is about).
  • Use the award image on your post & if you want, display it proudly on your blog somewhere else. 
  • Answer 5 Questions created from the ‘nominator’! 
  • Write an extract (of approximately 100 words) about something that interests YOU! This can be in any written style (post/ poem/ creative writing/ etc)
  • Nominate 2 other blogs that you feel are worthy of the award – preferably 1 ‘bigger’ (over 200 followers) blog & 1 ‘smaller’ (under 200 followers) blog
  • Create 5 Questions for them to answer! 

Additional Info:

Yep, those are the rules above (you are allowed to copy & paste them onto your blog)! It’s all very simple really, you get nominated, thank your nominator, link to here, answer 5 Q’s provided, write an extract, use the image, nominate 2 other blogs & give them questions! Wow… that kinda does sound like a lot! 😂

It is important to link to my blog & this post so the nominee gets to see exactly what the award is about. Also, it is a great opportunity for me to discover so many more amazing blogs! 

Next Month’s Nominee:

One nominee shall be nominated each month by me, Autumn!

If you have any suggestions for next month’s nominee, then please don’t hesitate to contact me here

Enjoy the award & Good Luck,

6 replies on “The Inspirational Blogger Award

  1. Hey Autumn, wow – this award sounds like an amazing concept! 🙂 One of things I most most about blogging is the genuine, supportive and kind-hearted blogging community. I have discovered so many lovely blogs over the years, and continue to find more I love to this day. I agree, an award like this would be a milestone for anyone’s blog and helps spread the love and support around the blogging sphere! 🙂 Daisy xxx

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Thank you Daisy!! I’m so glad that you agree that it is a lovely concept 💙. Hopefully it’ll be a success & people will really appreciate being awarded it! The blogging community is definitely what makes blogging so special ✨, and I really wanted to help recognise people that truly are amazing! Thank you, 💚 Autumn x

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Hi Autumn this is such an amazing idea! I love the idea of how you are supporting small and big bloggers all over the blogosphere. It is such an orignal idea and I can’t wait for these posts!
    Taylor xx

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